Innovative professional machine offering maximum milling performance.

The powerful cold milling machine offers compact dimensions and caters to a wide range of applications, from wearing course rehabilitation and full depth pavement removal to fine milling operations.

Weight and Dimensions

Height: 3.00 meters

Width: 2.70 meters

Length: 12.95 meters

Weight: 29,150kg to 36,300kg

The innovative MILL ASSIST machine control system always adjusts the most favorable relationship between performance and cost when operating in automatic mode. In addition, an operating strategy can be selected in terms of cost, performance or quality.

Thanks to the unique DUAL SHIFT Powershift transmission with extended milling drum speed, the W 210 F i is the ideal candidate for exceptionally tough milling jobs.

The new LEVEL PRO ACTIVE leveling system integrated into the machine control system optimizes the precision of machine height control and positioning.