Fine milling (micro milling)

Fine milling (micro milling)

Fine leveling (micro-leveling)

No subsequent paving required.
Micro milling is the ideal method for ensuring a longer life for the surface layer by removing a limited thickness (between 15 and 30 mm) of asphalt to eliminate rutting, which represents a danger (in terms of aquaplaning) to the safety of road users. This particular technique is made possible by the use of a 2.2-meter milling drum, equipped with 324 spikes (teeth) spaced 6mm apart for quality rendering and increased speed of execution.

This combined method with the use of multiplex sensors is also becoming increasingly popular for correcting pavement uniformity, new pavement joints and irregularities caused by paving problems.

These techniques combined allow to meet the ministerial requirements relative to uniformity. They allow to reduce or avoid penalty fees for non respect of the applicable standards.

Applications: correction of rutting, uniformity, adhesion problems or contamination and should be used for preventive or palliative maintenance.