Cold in place recycling (type 1 reprocessing, CIR)

Cold in place recycling (type 1 reprocessing, CIR)

Type 1 reprocessing is a technique that responds well to the environmental issues related to sustainable development as it allows the extension of the existing materials’ life cycle while limiting the input of new materials. It also contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the quantities of materials to be transported. This intervention is also faster than the methods usually used, thus reducing the time of road obstructions and inconveniences caused to users.

In-place asphalt recycling is currently a solution that meets the desired balance between innovative techniques, maintenance costs, and environmental and societal impacts.

ACI is proud to have practiced this ecological method in 70 locations for a total of 350 KM of cold recycled pavement. All of these projects have been completed using the turnkey method developed by ACI during more than ten years of research and development which is still ongoing.

This method is described as follows: We take charge of the work plan, the formulation, the in-place asphalt recycling, the quality control, the compaction, the supply of materials as well as all the technical assistance required to carry out such a project.

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