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As an experienced and efficient company, ACI works in the highly specialized field of pavement rehabilitation. Founded in 1998 by Mr. Michel Bellerose, the company has been managed since 2013 by Jim Thellier. Over the years, ACI has carved out a place of choice in the civil engineering sector in Quebec as a specialized contractor, and this reality was made possible by relying on the principle of the partner of choice for general contractors and various public organizations.

This vision was possible by using high-performance equipment with the latest technology, by continuously training our employees to ensure the highest standards of quality, safety and efficiency, and by rigorously managing the various stages of your projects, from estimating to the final work. Being at the forefront of pavement rehabilitation in Quebec is our mission, and we are constantly looking for innovations and new technologies. This has resulted in offering you the most complete service and a high quality of work.

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